Thursday, April 15, 2021
Zehot by Noa Schwarts


Zehot—A visual exploration of how your identity shapes you from a young age.
Defending Israel by Dina Barrish - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

Defending Israel

“On ​Yom HaZikaron, the siren commemorates Israeli fallen heroes.”
The Honeysuckle Bush Growing Next to Our Old Bus Stop by Sasha Tucker - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

The Honeysuckle Bush Growing Next to Our Old Bus Stop

“The honeysuckle bush growing next to our old bus stop was the highlight of the spring.”

Blanche & Sam

Her family fled from the pogroms in Eastern Europe
A Fun Tour of Auschwitz? by Shifra Waskow- Photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

A Fun Tour of Auschwitz?

“We cannot let further evidence of this mass persecution of the Jewish nation be diminished.”
Holocaust Now by Hannah Rosman - Photo by Jade Lowe

Holocaust Now

"We read a paragraph in our textbook explaining that Hitler and the Nazis killed Jews, and that one paragraph was it."
No Diving - jGirls Magazine - Issue 001, Fall 2020 - cover

No Diving

jGirls Magazine Issue 001, Fall 2020

As we enter the new Jewish year, 5781, we’re excited to share our fall issue with you. In the midst of two pandemics, COVID-19 and the much older systemic racism, our way of processing, reflecting, and documenting was to create this special issue. We hope the pages of “No Diving” fill some of the liminal space between sweetness and bitterness. Through creating this issue, we felt the gravity of this particular moment. Yet, we also found comfort in the fact that our ancestors have shouldered immense weight. While they asked questions, while they took to the streets, while they grieved, they too created art.

Annie Poole & Emanuelle Sippy
Lead Issue Editors

A Gift by Rachel Kaufman

A Gift

A painting depicting how a small act of kindness can mean the world to someone.
Split by Sarah Solon


Pensive on a Rainy Day2 - Gali Davar - jGrils Magazine


Sunset City - Alex Garrow

Sunset City


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