Sunday, May 28, 2023

Notice something different? We’ve added a “+” to our name to more accurately reflect our community, which includes teens who don’t identify as girls. We’re making this tweak as a first step while we work toward a new name that will more fully capture who we are. Stay tuned!

Ruth and Boaz: Saviors in a Sea of Sin

Ruth and Boaz: Saviors in a Sea of Sin

The cracks splintering from Ruth and Boaz’s hands display the potency a single act of kindness, of chessed, can have.
The Eponymous Yet Excluded Heroine of Megillat Ruth

The Eponymous Yet Excluded Heroine of Megillat Ruth

Ruth always defends herself and her loved ones and sees her troubles through.
Boaz as an “Ish Gibor Chayil”

Boaz as an “Ish Gibor Chayil”

Surrounding the shield is the phrase ish gibor chayil, meaning a “man of substance,” a strong, mightful, wise, and industrious man.
Compassion, Blame & Trial

Compassion, Blame & Trial

I have also included the three terms that best summarize what motivated Naomi to discourage her daughters-in-law: compassion, blame, and trial.
Megillat Ruth’s Most Complex, Intriguing Character

Megillat Ruth’s Most Complex, Intriguing Character

Her pupils form the shape of stars to signify that she is looking upward toward God searching for approval, forgiveness, and help
Early Morning by Hannah Rubenstein for Daughters of Miriam by Catherine Norton

Daughters of Miriam

I sing of the Daughters of Jerusalem, the lilies of the valleys, the roses of Sharon and how they dance around the fire like their mother Miriam, smoke billowing around them.
Elephant in the Womb photo from a rally

Pro-Choice: An Interview Series

As Jewish feminists, we are deeply frustrated and disappointed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision on the Dobbs v. Jackson case to overturn the Roe v. Wade ruling.

Millions of people lost their right to bodily autonomy on June 24th; these interviews share the views of only a few of them. Our hope is that this collection of interviews gives insight into some of the faces and perspectives behind the issue of reproductive rights.

Read the full introduction and all four interviews:

Dime & Emmy by May Lafer-Kirtner - Photo by Lydia Miller

Dime & Emmy

"I both miss her, and am over her, and am angry with her."
After the Rain by Dalia Heller

After the Rain

Group Therapy Essay by Sophie Soloway - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Group Therapy

Bat Mitzvah by Alexa Druyanoff

Bat Mitzvah

Photo Series in Morocco by Zoe Oppenheimer

Photo Series in Morocco


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