Friday, July 10, 2020

Behind Bars

As people all over the world take to the streets and the polling booths demanding a just and merciful justice system, it is important that we remember to speak up for those without the freedom to march or vote.
43-Hour Drive by Orly Berkowitz-Henkin - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

43-Hour Drive

Technically, he had met his mother before. Once.
Split by Sarah Solon


"I used the technique of stippling, or the art of mark-making using numerous small dots..."
Community for All by Regina Hopkins - Photo by Gertie Angel

Community for All

“The Jewish community has a very important role to play now in the continued acceptance of the Queer community.”
My Name is Tari, and I Speak for the Trees by Tari Civerolo - Photo by Elise Antsey

My Name is Tari, and I Speak for the Trees

"One of the first things that struck me about my teacher was how much physical paper he printed and distributed to the class."
Picked by Tali Afrah


Artist Tali Afrah captures the transition into summer, giving hope to what the future may bring.
Hadassah Magazine May/June 2020 cover

jGirls Magazine Collaborations

jGirls Magazine is proud to collaborate with an array of partners to bring the voices of diverse girls and women beyond our core demographic. Please join us as we share, learn from one another, and lift each other up.

Our first collaboration is a joint project between Hadassah Magazine and jGirls Magazine. Six mother-daughter pairs were asked to answer questions—developed by jGirls editors—as an opportunity to tell their stories to one another.

Good At Heart

No matter our differences, there's one thing we all share...
Visits by Emily Bebenek


A Candlelit Dinner - Gali Davar - jGirls Magazine

Stars on Fire

Raising My Hand by Ilana Drake - Photo by Auden Yurman

Raising My Hand High

Art For Maurice's Problem - Liora Meyer

Maurice’s Problem


Behind Bars

Split by Sarah Solon


Picked by Tali Afrah


I Spy by Eliana Shapere

I Spy

Labels by Annie Poole


Abandonment by Tali Feen


Glitch by Alex Berman


Peeking by Julie Edelstein


Held by Alexa Druyanoff



Deep Sleep by Isabel Carr

Deep Sleep

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