Saturday, February 29, 2020

Tunnel Vision

Staying focused during a football game can be difficult when your crush is on the opposing team...


This young artist depicts what the pressure of school can feel like...
Sunny Day by Caroline Mayer – Photo by Alex Garrow

Sunny Day

You can almost smell the ocean through the words that describe this day at the beach.
My Journey to Jewishness by Emily Duckworth - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

My Journey to Jewishness

Despite the anti-Semitism or hate you might experience, choosing to believe in the good can only make the world a better place.
Bircktown by Anonymous - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt


Does growing old mean giving up and enduring the painful aspects of life as we near the end?

Without Earth, There is No Rain

Photographers submit their photos to represent the earth and all its splendor in honor of Tu B'shvat.

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Collecting Likes - Alisa Kazarnovsky - jGirls Magazine

Collecting Likes

Alisa Kazarnovsky creates art about social media and the impact it has on our lives.
Branches - Liora Meyer

Sleeping Beauty

Sea And Sky - Alex Garrow - jGirls Magazine

Sea and Sky

Next Stop: Culture by Sasha Hochman - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Next Stop: Culture

Chopin Nocturne



Anxiety by Aidyn Levin


Bat Mitzvah by Alexa Druyanoff

Bat Mitzvah


In the Wind by Elise Anstey

In the Wind

New Hampshire by Lyla Waitman

New Hampshire

Vegetable Face by Abigail Aronson

Vegetable Face

Good At Heart

Rise Up


Pretty Hurts by Elise Anstey

Pretty Hurts

Share Your Voice and Vision!

jGirls Magazine accepts submissions on an ongoing basis from from self-identifying Jewish teenage girls ages 13-19. We accept submissions on any subject of interest to you.

We also pose “theme” questions that our editors and friends are talking about, and we invite you to join the conversation by submitting works on those topics, too.

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