Monday, September 21, 2020
What the Shofar Means to Me by Jessie Schwalb - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

What the Shofar Means to Me

"Maybe I will look back on this Rosh Hashanah with the same bewilderment I feel looking back on my seven-year-old self."
Rebecca by Gefen Beldie


A portrait of outer beauty reflecting back inner strength.
No Worries by Tali Feen

No Worries

"She’s looking into the big city creating her future. There is nothing that could stop her."
Why We Need to Stop Straightening Our Hair by Justine Fisher - Photo by Auden Yurman

Why We Need to Stop Straightening Our Hair

"What message did it send to me as a little girl when I had my hair straightened for special occasions?"
In Brother’s Arms By Alexa Druyanoff

In Brother’s Arms

A portrait of family, love, and hope
Sail to Me by Tali Feen

Sail to Me

"If we could all find 'our peace,' then our minds could be in a different place for just a moment."
Hadassah Magazine May/June 2020 cover

jGirls Magazine Collaborations

jGirls Magazine is proud to collaborate with an array of partners to bring the voices of diverse girls and women beyond our core demographic. Please join us as we share, learn from one another, and lift each other up.

Our first collaboration is a joint project between Hadassah Magazine and jGirls Magazine. Six mother-daughter pairs were asked to answer questions—developed by jGirls editors—as an opportunity to tell their stories to one another.

Wonder Woman - Shai Israeli

I Was Born a Feminist

"I believe it is our duty to continue the struggle and work of the feminist movement in the hope of one day achieving full equality."
Beach With Cello by Aliza Abusch-Magder


Growing Up Girl by Maya Rabinowitz - Photo by Avrah Ross

Growing Up Girl

Feminine Strong by Rachel Kaufman

Feminine Strong

Library Girl - Aliza Abusch-Magder - jGirls Magazine


Concrete Windows by Charlotte Daniels

Concrete Windows


Rebecca by Gefen Beldie


No Worries by Tali Feen

No Worries

Sail to Me by Tali Feen

Sail to Me

Melting Head 34 by Eliana Shapere

Melting Head 34

Prey by Aidyn Levin


Me, Myself, and I by Noa Kalfus

Me, Myself, and I

Wit’s End

Free Woman by Molly Voit

Free Woman

In the Clouds by Tali Feen

In the Clouds

Untitled by Alma Kastan


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jGirls Magazine accepts submissions on an ongoing basis from from self-identifying Jewish teenage girls ages 13-19. We accept submissions on any subject of interest to you.

We also pose “theme” questions that our editors and friends are talking about, and we invite you to join the conversation by submitting works on those topics, too.

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