Thursday, March 30, 2023

Notice something different? We’ve added a “+” to our name to more accurately reflect our community, which includes teens who don’t identify as girls. We’re making this tweak as a first step while we work toward a new name that will more fully capture who we are. Stay tuned!

Zoom by Zoe Oppenheimer for Cruising Beyond Chaos by Annie Bernstein

Cruising Beyond Chaos

“For a couple fleeting moments, we were removed from the world enjoying each other’s company.”
Snow Reflection Hannah Rubenstein for Simply Not Just a Woman

Simply Not Just a Woman

“I am not a poet, I am a woman”
Columbia by Hannah Rubenstein for A Lasting Impact by Jada Bromberg

A Lasting Impact

“Allowing myself to be vulnerable has broken down the stigma for others to know they are not alone.”
The Next Generation by Olivia Suddleson

The Next Generation

There is a bliss in her expression. However, there is an underlying notion of innocence in her that almost frightens me.
littered plastic by sonja lippmann for All Of Us Are Dying.jpg

Boston, Massachusetts, 2122

“Plastic destroyed our world. It destroyed it before I was even born.”
Representation Alex Berman In Which I Try to Explain


Elephant in the Womb photo from a rally

Pro-Choice: An Interview Series

As Jewish feminists, we are deeply frustrated and disappointed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision on the Dobbs v. Jackson case to overturn the Roe v. Wade ruling.

Millions of people lost their right to bodily autonomy on June 24th; these interviews share the views of only a few of them. Our hope is that this collection of interviews gives insight into some of the faces and perspectives behind the issue of reproductive rights.

Read the full introduction and all four interviews:

I want George Floyd on the $20 bill by Gertie Angel

I want George Floyd on the $20 bill

The paradox of a person’s value.


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Join a community of Jewish feminist young people from around the country using their voices to create change.