Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Civil Discourse by Eleanor Sigel - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Civil Discourse

“My politically homogeneous surroundings left me with the false sense that the rest of the world harbored similar worldviews to me. I only realized my mistake the summer before my junior year.”
Sadness Starter Kit by Rivka Resnick - Photo by Caroline Koppel

Sadness Starter Kit

“let everyone believe in your facade of sunshine”
The Struggle of Sexuality by Rivka Schafer

The Struggle of Sexuality

Rivka depicts the mental, physical, and emotional struggles of healing from trauma and homophobia.
Pirkei Avot by anonymous

Pirkei Avot

Who is wise? One who learns from everyone.
Grounded by Lila Ressler - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue


“I am Grounded in my identity”
Dantes Hell by Sophie Frankel

Dante’s Hell

This piece investigates belief in the supernatural and metaphysical as a way of escapism.
No Diving - jGirls Magazine - Issue 001, Fall 2020 - cover

No Diving

jGirls Magazine Issue 001, Fall 2020

As we enter the new Jewish year, 5781, we’re excited to share our fall issue with you. In the midst of two pandemics, COVID-19 and the much older systemic racism, our way of processing, reflecting, and documenting was to create this special issue. We hope the pages of “No Diving” fill some of the liminal space between sweetness and bitterness. Through creating this issue, we felt the gravity of this particular moment. Yet, we also found comfort in the fact that our ancestors have shouldered immense weight. While they asked questions, while they took to the streets, while they grieved, they too created art.

Annie Poole & Emanuelle Sippy
Lead Issue Editors

Ruby Karp Profile - Audrey Honig

Ruby Karp on Writing, Comedy, and Making it through High School

Ruby Karp's exclusive interview with jGirls Magazine!
What the Shofar Means to Me by Jessie Schwalb - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

What the Shofar Means to Me

No More Goodbyes by Cara Marantz

No More Goodbyes

Death by Mollye Oze


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Refusing to Cry Alone


Pirkei Avot by anonymous

Pirkei Avot

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Last Night

The Last Rose by anonymous

The Last Rose

Eva by Whitney Cohen


jGirls Magazine - HOME


Zehot by Noa Schwarts


jGirls Magazine - HOME

Blanche & Sam

Menagerie by Alex Berman


Window of Lights by Carly Drobbin

Windows of Light

OK by Emma Hotchkiss


Paranoia by Winnie Bar Avraham


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