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Artist’s Statement: My friend took these photos of me on our visit to the New York Botanical Gardens. I usually only go there for work, so it was interesting to me to see the gardens in a different light, as a casual visitor. When I looked through the photos after the visit, I noticed how relaxed and content I look in all of them. I spend most of my time stressed and tired, but having a relaxing day wandering around the beautiful natural landscape transformed me. I feel beautiful in these pictures. The photos I chose to include in this series demonstrate the powerful impact that nature has on me by capturing me in a natural setting.
Gali Davar
Gali Davar is from Riverdale, New York. Her mom is from Israel, her dad is from South Africa, and she grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in New York City. She's a senior at the Bronx High School of Science, a specialized public high school.