Library Girl - Aliza Abusch-Magder - jGirls+ Magazine

Einstein went to a Catholic school
Where he was the only yid
He used to get quite bored in class
When he was just a kid
He understood things quickly
His mind kept moving on
(Kind of like mine did
When I wrote this song)
His peers thought him stupid
His teachers thought him slow
No one really understood
Where his mind would go
Einstein used to wonder
How long a man would fall
If pushed off a skyscraper
So very high and tall
Einstein used to daydream
He was riding a beam of light
He moved slower through time
As he reached the speed of light
Einstein took his daydreams
Developed each to a theory
He persisted in his work
Ignored the call of crazy
Einstein contradicted Newton
They said he was out of line
But he surprised them all
With his theory of space and time
Newton said that gravity
Is the pull from the heavy mass
(Like the earth or the sun
Though the sun is a ball of gas)
Einstein disagreed
He said this wasn’t true
It’s easier to push than pull
So that’s what Space would do
He changed the laws of physics
That for ten score had stood
He worked hard and long
To make himself understood
Several expeditions
Were sent out in his name
And as the years went on
He grew in the world of fame
The first expeditions failed
Though Einstein did not despair
(Meanwhile in his personal life
He was having an affair)
Seven expeditions set out
In September 1922
Two were successful
And proved his theory true
Einstein was a genius
We know that now, today
A role model for many
A leader in his own way

Accompanying Photo: “Library Girl” by Aliza Abusch-Magder
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