Escape My Lips

DoubleSelf - Ayelet Kalfus -jGirls Magazine

With you

Electricity pulses through my veins as I become blind to the words that escape my lips, tempting me to fill the gap clawing at the air

Without you

I catch my breath as my tongue manipulates the words that escape my lips, I call out to the fire of our present, till our future turns to ashes

Accompanying Photo: “Double Self” by Ayelet Kalfus
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Lexie Fried
Lexie Fried is a junior in Buffalo, New York. She is a passionate advocate for various causes and aspires to work in government. In addition to her love for jGirls, she also enjoys public speaking and community organizing. She is also very involved in the leadership of NFTY, North American Federation of Temple Youth, and her days are filled with being surrounded by her Reform Jewish community.