Free Soul

Mornings at Home - Gali Davar -jGirls Magazine

I am a grand piano,

One with the magical music.

I am clay,

Always being shaped into something new and beautiful.

I am a poem,

Filled with intense, engulfing serenity.

I am not my OCD.

I am not my depression.

I am not my anxiety.

I am the overcoming of them.

I am a woman,

Born into a world where that is wrong.

I am a Jew,

Always questioning my beliefs about God and myself.

I am not an outsider,

I will learn to be an insider.

I am not a dreaded gravel road,

I am important and valued.

I am a soul, a free soul,

Waiting to be set free.

Accompanying Photo: “Mornings At Home” by Gali Davar
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