Wherever She Lands

Wherever She Lands - Aliza Abusch-Magder - jGirls+ Magazine

She has her history behind her,
and her future ahead.
Her loved ones are beside her,
yet her hopes are dead.

Her wings are stretched out,
and she’s ready to fly.
But she doesn’t know where’s she’s going,
only what words to cry.

They preen her feathers.
They prepare her for flight.
Then they give her a push,
and send her into the night.

She might go through the seas, or maybe through the skies.
She might enter the jungle’s leaves or the desert sand.
But whichever path she travels, whatever she lives by,
She knows she will do good wherever she lands.

Artist’s Statement: Writing poetry is a means for me to express my emotions. Not only that, but writing has a magical way of providing me with the tools to think through and process my emotions and the situation at hand. This poem is one example of when the act of writing gave me the strength and enabled me to process my emotions and begin to think differently. Particularly in this poem, I began writing with a strong feeling of hopelessness and confusion, but through writing I discovered a bit of blind faith, a knowledge that no matter what I do, I have the power to make it good.
Accompanying Photo: “Open Road” by Aliza Abusch-Magder
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