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The Times of Israel wanted to know what was behind the initial idea for jGirls+ Magazine and how it’s affecting the way that Jewish girls see themselves and the world around them.

How jGirls+ Differs from Other Girls’ Magazines

jGirls+ brings a new voice to the internet. It isn’t just a magazine for Jewish girls, it’s also written and edited by Jewish girls. The jGirls+ teen editorial board is made up of twelve teen girls representing the diversity of the Jewish community. The board is in charge of the site’s content—including curating submissions they receive from teenage girls around the world.

“The idea of a magazine for girls is not new. What is innovative here, is that [jGirls+ Magazine Founder] Elizabeth is developing the girls’ leadership along with the magazine. This is about the girls themselves. It’s their voices loud and clear. No one is telling them what to do or think.”

— Aliza Mazor, Executive Director of Bikkurim

A New Virtual Voice for Jewish Girls

Even though the girls have grown up with the internet, they had to develop procedures to deal with the challenges that come with working virtually. But, as editorial board member Gali Davar notes, working virtually actually helps maintain and foster the inclusion and diversity that is at the heart of the jGirls+ mission.

“I’ve rarely felt comfortable in established Jewish spaces unless they are pluralistic, and jGirls+ is exactly this kind of pluralistic space.”

— Penina Satlow, jGirls+ Editorial Board Member

“If you grow up exposed to a range of ideas and can discuss them in a moderated way, you will take that into adulthood. This can build a community of respectful conversation and shift the climate of the Jewish community and beyond.”

— Elizabeth Mandel, Founder and Executive Director

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jGirls+ Magazine, its editors, contributors, and staff, are proud to lend their voices in both the Jewish and secular media on the subjects of young women's empowerment, identity at the nexus of Judaism and being female, and creating community among diverse Jewish girls from the U.S. and around the world.
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