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Teen Vogue unpacked taboos around menstruation in Judaism, and the rituals of niddah (Hebrew for Jewish menstrual law and customs) in particular. The Torah states that women are ‘impure’ during their menstruation, a controversial and complicated stricture. In response to this, it has become increasingly common practice among young Jewish women to develop their own interpretations of niddah.

The jGirls+ Editors Exemplify Body Positivity

“Though Judaism traditionally sees periods as negative, I embrace both my body and my heritage, with no shame around either. My period is a reminder that my body is a sanctuary in which God resides — I am perpetually amazed that my body has so many complex systems that function nearly flawlessly.”

— Aliza Abusch-Magder, jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board Member

Today, platforms like jGirls+ are opening up as sources of education and empowerment for young girls. In communities like these, girls and women can connect and discuss their identity at the nexus of Judaism and femaleness.

“When I got my period, I remember being pretty excited and running to tell my moms. I think I also called my best friend to tell her. I definitely was not shy about it!”

— Maya Rabinowitz, jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board Member

As jGirls+ founder and executive director, Elizabeth Mandel, concludes, “one of the great challenges in living a Jewish feminist life is finding the balance between maintaining tradition and upholding feminist principles.”

We are proud to have our editors at the forefront of groundbreaking conversations around women’s ownership of their own bodies, and other subjects once considered inappropriate.

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jGirls+ Magazine, its editors, contributors, and staff, are proud to lend their voices in both the Jewish and secular media on the subjects of young women's empowerment, identity at the nexus of Judaism and being female, and creating community among diverse Jewish girls from the U.S. and around the world.
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