Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle Shares jGirls+ Story


Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle shares the jGirls+ story and highlights the significance of giving this demographic a “room of their own.” They describe the jGirls+ content as “a treasure trove of original essays, fiction, poetry, music and visual arts.” Adding, “if jGirls+ Magazine is any indication of what the next generation of Jewish womanhood looks like, the future is in excellent hands.” 

What Makes jGirls+ Magazine Unique?

  • It’s an outlet for creativity and a place to meet other young women they might otherwise never meet.
  • It’s a community to exchange ideas and opinions with girls from divergent backgrounds.
  • It helps young girls establish relationships and develop positive role models.
  • It’s a space for young women to have their own voice in a male-dominated world.
  • It’s run by girls, for girls.

About the jGirls+ Editorial Board

jGirls+ received several dozen applications for the 12-person editorial board.

“It was competitive. They were all fabulous girls with diverse Jewish geographic backgrounds and interests. The applications reflected the glorious mosaic of our Jewish community.”

—  ELIZABETH MANDEL, jGirls+ Magazine Founder and Executive Director

The editorial board meets virtually to review submissions, which can be on any topic. “They don’t have to be explicitly about being Jewish or being a girl, because whatever is submitted is coming from that lens.”

Elizabeth Mandel spends “a lot of time thinking about where [her] identity exists at the nexus of being Jewish and being a woman.” jGirls+ Magazine is a place to explore these identity questions at a significant time of transition from teenagehood to adulthood.

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jGirls+ Magazine, its editors, contributors, and staff, are proud to lend their voices in both the Jewish and secular media on the subjects of young women's empowerment, identity at the nexus of Judaism and being female, and creating community among diverse Jewish girls from the U.S. and around the world.
SOURCEPittsburgh Jewish Chronicle