Brit+Co Recognizes jGirls+ Editors Making a Difference


Helping Jewish Girls Around the World Feel Heard

Brit+Co highlights the importance of giving young women a platform for their voices. Moreover, the Jewish girls of jGirls+ are opening up a space for a diverse background of girls and their ensuing perspectives.

Why jGirls+ Matters

jGirls+ Magazine founder Elizabeth Mandel and some of the inaugural editorial board members weighed in on the importance of jGirls+ Magazine and its mission for the next generation of Jewish leaders.

“As girls grow older they are taught by society to make themselves smaller. This past year was our inaugural year, and the editors have really worked together to help build jGirls+ from the ground up. They are empowered to either make or opine on decisions at every level.”

— Elizabeth Mandel, jGirls+ Magazine Founder and Executive Director

“There are spaces for pluralistic discussion among teens in the Jewish community, both co-ed and female-driven, and many have found it an important tool in strengthening our community. However, most of these programs center around community service, leadership, Jewish identity, or some other thematic concept. jGirls+ is simply an open space for us Jewish girls.”

— Kinneret Katz, Teen Editorial Board Member

How jGirls+ Encourages Diversity and Makes an Impact:

  • Editors and contributors come from different family structures, sexual orientations, schooling, geography, interests and Jewish backgrounds.
  • Topics are covered from many different perspectives.
  • jGirls+ is a female-led community in a male dominated society.
  • Girls set the editorial agenda, giving them ownership, leadership and decision-making skills.

“It’s rare that people my age are given such trust, respect, and responsibility as we have been given from the directors of jGirls+. Because we have seen our ideas implemented and have been given the freedom to help shape the process, I feel confident that I could be successful in similar projects in the future.”

— Maya Rabinowitz, Teen Editorial Board Member

This confidence is crucial to creating a society in which women in which women are empowered to make their voices heard, no matter how different from the “mainstream.” If they can go against the status quo, they can make great change in a world that needs those voices.

You can read the full article on Brit+Co .

jGirls+ Magazine, its editors, contributors, and staff, are proud to lend their voices in both the Jewish and secular media on the subjects of young women's empowerment, identity at the nexus of Judaism and being female, and creating community among diverse Jewish girls from the U.S. and around the world.