Brooklyn Bridge - Gali Davar - jGirls Magazine

I can blend
Match the hue of my surroundings
If you glance by I am indistinguishable
But if you look closely
You can see the gleam of my eyes

I have spent
So much of my life
Trying to blend with my environment
That I have forgotten
What my true color is
If I even have one anymore

Accompanying Photo: “Brooklyn Bridge” by Gali Davar
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Penina Satlow
Penina Satlow is a senior at Classical High School in Providence, Rhode Island. At school, she plays field hockey, and acts in school plays. She sings with HaZamir, the International Jewish High School Choir. Penina loves reading fiction and watching spoken word poetry, though she has yet to perform her own. She is a member of the jGirls Editorial Board, working in the Fiction and Poetry Departments.