Flowers Hand - Aliza Abusch Magder

The other day someone asked
me about you.

I said something about your teeth and how your
smile lights up the room and about how every
freckle on your cheeks has been so perfectly
placed and about the way you walk like you know
where you are going and how your knowing hands
have been callused but are still so welcoming
and how your warm brown eyes catch the sunlight
and how your curly hair flows when walking and
How your lips curl perfectly around your teeth
and about that one day you parted your hair in
the middle and about the way you speak, like
honey is flowing out of your soul and about your
artistic mind that produces masterpieces and
about how you are so amazingly originally you

And I couldn’t help but notice
that familiar warmth that
your name sparks within.

Accompanying Photo: “Flowers with Hand” by Aliza Abusch-Magder
Frankie Vega is a sophomore at East High School in Denver, Colorado. She is a passionate individual with a love for the arts, along with science. In her free time, Frankie enjoys being in nature, writing, singing, and reading.
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