We Are Loved

We Are Loved by Sarah Young - Photo by Aliza

At the women’s march in Washington,
There was an abundant love.
I was there with friends, family, and strangers
all fighting for love.

One man there was preaching hate.
He said we should repent,
that God didn’t like the way we lived,
or the way that we love.

I asked him if he thought
that through the love of another
we could feel
the love of God.

He told me that no,
if I truly loved a woman,
I would wish for her to love men,
because if she loved me, she would be sinning and lose favor before God.

I am of a different opinion
And maybe even
A different God.

Each Friday night
When I welcome in the Sabbath,
I sing songs and prayers
Of love.

Love for God,
And God’s love for us.
Yedid nefesh—you who loves my soul
And ahavah rabbah—abundant love.

Eishet chayil,
Woman of valor
Which used to be sung by husband to wife
But is now sung by anyone to another.

That man with his sign
And his bullhorn
Was wrong.
Because we love and we are loved.

Accompanying Photo: “Translation: If You Are a Girl and Want a Girl” by Aliza Abusch-Mager
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