Women’s March Series


1. Women’s March Series

2. Women’s March Series

3. Women’s March Series

4. Women’s March Series

5. Women’s March Series

Artist’s Statement: After the recent election, I felt very unimportant in the political process of my country. I wanted to find my voice and what I stood for in the context of my school, community, country, and world. I went to the Women’s March in Oakland, California, with some of my good friends, and being surrounded by over 10,000 other passionate little girls and boys and mothers and fathers were some of the most empowering few hours of my life. I knew I was not alone in how I was feeling. I felt as though I was part of something so powerful and special. I started taking a photography class this year at school, and I have fallen in love with capturing meaningful moments and humans through my lens. I hope to share some of the magic I felt while marching through my photographs.