An Obituary to My Soul

Waves - Gali Davar

My body folds over the cavern where you once resided
Your vacation is no vacation at all
for it lasts forever
We did not take a break
We broke
In your suitcase, you packed my certainty
meticulous folds of my sureness in mystery
and my entire collection of belief
Now I am wandering in the dark
knocking through glass
screaming out questions that have no answer
as they shatter at my feet
I stumble against static
so dark my red veins are invisible
to the ghosts of history
and crackling white noise
I cannot find you
I would pray for our reunion
But I am not sure I believe in prayer
until the radio will find its tune

An Apology From my Soul
I ache for all that you have written
For I know that you
believe still in a glimmer
perhaps only a sliver
in your being a Jew
I may be gone forever
or I might return
The ocean cannot stand
and like Jerusalem and waves
sometimes you have to fall
And again and again and again
bring back the hope and beliefs
challenge them
break them
I love you
I love you
be strong
A body of water
I have no bones
or foundation
aside from the one I pave
in the shifting
Molding my way
as my way molds me

Accompanying Photo: “Waves” By Gali Davar
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