Hadassah Magazine Highlights jGirls Giving Voice to Young Jewish Women


Hadassah Magazine highlights jGirls Magazine as a new platform for Jewish teenage girls to express themselves creatively online. Launched by documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Mandel, 48, jGirls Magazine is an online publication where Jewish girls create content—written or audiovisual—for their peers.

The Importance of jGirls Diverse and Inclusive Content

​“The content that the girls select and the conversations that they have around each piece do not occur in an echo chamber.”

— ELIZABETH MANDEL, jGirls Magazine Founder and Executive Director

​With content focusing on issues such as diversity, one recent post—contributed by the daughter of two lesbian moms who was conceived via donor sperm—related the story of meeting her half-siblings through the Donor Sibling Registry. Another young author wrote about the tradition of eating bagels and lox on Christmas with her interfaith family. Activism to prevent sexual assault in high school and college is the topic of another post.

“What it means to be Jewish can look many different ways, and we want to encourage discussion around that,” said Mandel.

How Can You Join?

​The site’s editorial board is made up of 14 Jewish girls from across the country who review and edit submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, music, videos and photography.

​“If you self-identify as a girl and self-identify as Jewish, between the ages of 13 and 19, there is a place for your voice on jGirls,” said Mandel.

The Hadassah Foundation is among a number of organizations supporting jGirls.

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