jGirls+ Co-Sponsors Revealing #MeToo as #WeToo Town Hall


jGirls+ Magazine was proud to co-sponsor Revealing #metoo as #wetoo in Jewish Communal Life, which was organized by The Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York with 30 co-sponsors.

eJewish Philanthropy reported that this was the first large-scale gathering of Jewish professionals and others “lending their voice, power and reach to create communal dialogue to advance gender respect and end harassment within Jewish spaces.”

Acknowledging The Problem

“We have a real problem with icons in our community. This is immensely detrimental to all the vulnerable voices among us. They feel they don’t have the right to speak up, so the more we let them know they can, and that they will be believed, and that there is a community of caring, the better we will be,”

—ELIZABETH MANDEL, jGirls+ Magazine Founder and Executive Director

Changing the Culture

eJewish Philanthropy discusses the importance of including the younger generation of Jewish children and teens in the conversation, since they “can cement positive change going forward.”

“We need to change the narrative on a bigger scale and shift the entire dynamic. Let’s not forget that protecting and caring for our most vulnerable is a Jewish value,” said Mandel.

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