With Love

Ignition - Sasha Hochman

I think I’ll stay forever
Just you and me here.
You ask if I’m scared, and I swallow the fear.
I tell you no,
I say I just like to be with you, alone.
I don’t tell you that I sometimes feel so vulnerable,
Like my skin left my bones.

It is just you and me,
Here in my car
We can see the rest of the world, but it can’t see us
This is so safe
So far.
You ask me if I’ll ever start the engine but
Where would I go?
My legs aren’t steady enough to press the pedals, and so I sigh and breathe a

You shake your head and tell me you love me,
And I know it’s true.
Half infatuated, and tremendously sorry,
I say I love you too.
You ask me if the world will ever see us.
Truth is,
I want them to.
I want the trees and the lakes and the subdivisions and the planes to know
How proud I am to be with you.

But sometimes I’m so scared,
Unfairly conquered by my heart’s quickened beat.
I love you so much,
I want to fight this defeat.
You reach your hand out and touch my knee
And in that split second, I feel like the waves when they kiss the shore because
Everything is how it’s supposed to be.

I feel like evening as it deepens its purple hues
I feel like last fall when the leaves turned
And I first met you.
Like nature, everything is right
Eloquently planned from morning to night.
Miraculously, everything is how it is meant to be,
And then, after thousands of days,
God created you and me.

To love is a beautiful part of existence,
So let the world see.
Let me put the key in ignition and let the truth set us free.
I think I’d love to stay like this forever,
You, me, and the world we know.
I think maybe I’m in love,
So I’ll wear it proudly wherever I go.
I’m in love with a girl who makes me feel like the whole world,
I’ll tell them all.
I’ll tell them how beautifully natural it is to let go and
I’ll tell them that with love,
There is no room too small.

Accompanying Photo: “Ignition” By Sasha Hochman
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Sydney Schulman lives in a suburb of Syracuse, New York, and attends Christian Brothers Academy (a Catholic School, but she is very involved in her Jewish faith). At school, she edits the newspaper and participates in Mock Trial. In her free time, she loves to hang out with her family, read the huge stack of books by her bed, watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, walk her dog, write in her journal, or shop online. She is also very passionate about her charity work with individuals struggling with anxiety and/or depression in her community.