Bold, Brave Girls Have a Place to Speak Freely at jGirls+ Magazine


The Jewish Chronicle shares jGirls+ story, and how the magazine is a new place for Jewish teen girls to speak freely. jGirls+ Magazine hopes to combat the “media messaging, social pressures and Jewish communal mores [that] will encourage them to become quieter, smaller, self-conscious, less self-assured.”

The Value of Jewish Teen Voices

​“I envisioned a project that told girls, we want you, we value your voices, we believe in what you have to say, you matter. To this end, in 2016, I started developing jGirls+ Magazine, an online forum for Jewish teen girl leadership and expression.”

— ELIZABETH MANDEL, jGirls+ Magazine Founder and Executive Director

Teens Creating Content and Community

All of the content on jGirls+ Magazine is created by the Teen Editorial Board. The editorial board members are “given autonomy and decision-making power, selecting content, shaping the direction of the magazine, and amplifying the voices of other girls like them.” The magazine is creating a community of support for teens today as well as “encouraging and celebrating” these writers and editors to become future Jewish female leaders, which enhances our community overall.

jGirls+ Magazine’s Visible Impact

“Indeed, the girls I work with, editors and writers, have told me that their experience with jGirls+ has made them feel more confident in school, taken seriously by those around them, and more connected to and valued by their Jewish community,” Said Mandel.

jGirls+ Magazine accepts content submissions from self-identifying Jewish girls, ages 13-19, from across Jewish backgrounds and across the world.

Read the full article in The Jewish Chronicle.