NowThis News interviews jGirls Magazine Editors, who want more women in media. The online publication was created by Jewish teen girls and wants everyone to imagine what this country would look like if more women wrote our news.

We hear directly from the teens on jGirls Teen Editorial Board, and their words are powerful!

“Can you imagine what this country would look like if more women wrote our news?” – Ayelet Kalfus, 18, jGirls Magazine Journalist and Editor

The importance of not only creating news, but also leading it!

jGirls Magazine is not only an online publication, but also an online community platform for self-identifying teenage girls to take the lead in media.

“Over 4,700 people have read my piece, and it’s really empowering to know that my voice and my ideas have impacted so many…

We need to support the next generation of girls in the process,” said Kalfus.

A New Safe, Inclusive Space at jGirls Magazine

I felt like my voice was worthless, but now I know that I have a space. I have a place where my voice can be heard. Where I can be powerful and loud…

And I want all girls to know what that feels like.”
– Alyx Bernstein, 17, jGirls Magazine Editor and Writer

jGirls Magazine accepts content submissions from self-identifying Jewish girls, ages 13-19, from across Jewish backgrounds and across the world.

“I had so many passionate thoughts and really intense feelings about social justice and the world around me…especially as a biracial, Jewish female.”
– Emi Cooper, 15, jGirls Magazine Editor

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