The Layers Project Features jGirls+ Magazine Creating a New Space for Jewish Girls


In an interview with The Layers Project Magazine, Elizabeth Mandel, the founder of jGirls+ Magazine, explains the importance of giving Jewish teenage girls opportunities to learn about diversity, identity and dialogue.

A Space for Jewish Teenage Girls

​”It occurred to me that what I wanted for our Jewish daughters, was a space dedicated only to them and their voices – their fears, struggles, achievements, interests – where they would know to go to find examples of young women like them being brave, loud and assertive, and where they could also express themselves and know they were being heard.”

— ELIZABETH MANDEL, jGirls+ Magazine Founder and Executive Director

The online magazine began with a particular focus at the nexus of being female and Jewish; on bringing together a widely diverse group of Jewish teenage girls in order to create a space on the internet that could be a safe, supportive and exciting platform.

The Importance of Diversity

  • jGirls+ Magazine is intentionally seeking out diverse girls for the publication and platform.
  • Teen Editorial Board forms ask applicants to specify how they identify Jewishly, and offer over 15 different options!
  • Still, some young women choose to specify “other” and have the opportunity to write in their own definition.

Female Leadership in the Making

“These young women will grow into adults who will know how to open the community, focus on inclusivity, and validate the experiences of their peers. They are using their roles and power to do incredible work, but also know when to step aside and make space for others. This is female leadership. A truly powerful gift,” said Mandel.

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