Enough by Madison Hahamy - Photo by Aliza Abusch-Magder

I want to be a wisp of white
Punctuating the blue expanse of nothingness
I want to be a stubborn autumn leaf
Speckled with death, yet clinging resolutely to life
I want to be the unapologetic crash of thunder in nature’s symphony
The angry finale to a somber movement filled with sadness
I want to be a splash of paint on a blank canvas
Endless opportunity brought with the stroke of a hand
I want to be a lopsided smile
Choppy bangs
Freckled nose
Crooked teeth
I want to be special
In a city of too many faces
Within a world of too many people
And a universe of infinite planets
I want to be enough
Instead, I am gray
A square slab of thoughts and words and personality and love and I want that to be enough
It has to be enough
And so, I reach for the sky
Because if I stretch out my hand just a little farther
Just maybe
I’ll touch the ceiling
And then I’ll know
That I am enough

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