The Jews’ Blues

The Jews' Blues Photo by Audrey Honig

Some people don’t understand us, us Jews.
When people make fun of me, it gives me the blues.
I’m proud of who I am, in every way,
I just wish that people would accept us today.

I’m sorry I missed school for a holiday,
And that I didn’t Snap you back on Saturday.
It’s hard packing kosher lunches,
Because there aren’t many pareve munches.
It still bothers me.

But I am a person.
I do have feelings.
I don’t think you want me laughing
Because you’ve never had matzo ball soup or challah.
It bothers me.

Just leave me be.
I know that when you say you won’t be my friend
If I haven’t eaten pork or pepperoni,
You are just joking.
But it bothers me, nonetheless.

I am human, you know.

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