Urban Life


I took the first picture while walking around downtown Cleveland, Ohio, before a basketball game. On game nights, the city is transformed—the streets are filled with people of all ages and backgrounds wearing Cavaliers merchandise and team colors. This image depicts a billboard of LeBron James, the team’s star player, with his arms outstretched toward the sky. The billboard is a symbol of hope; in this case, faith that their basketball team will bring home a trophy. Overall, this photograph signifies the unity and aspirations of the city to attain victory.

"Urban Life 2 - a photo by Alex Garrow"
I captured the second image on my first visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. My mom drove my siblings and me to downtown San Francisco to observe the iconic landmark on our family trip to Northern California. On our way, we took many wrong turns and got lost, stuck in traffic, and frustrated to the point that we nearly abandoned the search. However, we were determined to reach the bridge, and after a grueling journey, it came into view. I was so excited that I took this photo with my hand out of our car window. This picture demonstrates that although directions may not always be clear, with focus and persistence anyone can reach their goals.

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