Two Parallel Lovers

Two Parallel Lovers by Ayelet Fishman - Photo by Liora Meyer

Edna and Moe—two parallel lovers
There once was a story long, long, ago,
two parallel lines named Edna and Moe.
They traveled in the same direction,
although they never crossed,
but without each other, they seemed to be lost.
Their ideas corresponded, although they would never meet,
they held onto the hope that they would collide as their equidistant love would be so sweet.
When one was cut by its transversal, the other was also,
and his alternate ideas changed to match her.
When Moe saw Edna for the first time he called so,
but he could never grab far enough to catch her.
One day, Moe crossed paths with Ray.
Ray was perpendicular
And Moe wasn’t particular
So they crashed,
Where x street met y
They both shared laughs
and recited the numbers of pi
Moe led a parallel life
watching Edna from the side
and meeting Ray at five
Until infinity Edna would wait
for then would be their first date.

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