Revelations by Aura Avrunin - Photo by Charlotte Daniels

As you grow older the world is revealed
A terrible man, a smile conceals
He appears friendly and kind but is sharp as a thorn
The way you saw people as a child is torn
The beautiful buds are now wilting fake flowers,
The people you mistrust are the ones full of power
Your childhood hero,
From a ten to a zero
The world a much darker place,
Than you saw long ago with your small little face

Although as you grow older you see also light
The devoted small number that do all that’s right
A pit to fill in, they make it a mountain
Between every mudhole, springs a clear fountain
For no matter how much it seems evil is the only thing that thrives,
There’s a small number who do good, and the world they will revive

Originally published on: Poetry Nation
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