UpStart Interviews jGirls Founder


When I was about 11 years old, someone from the school came and said, starting from today the boys are going to learn to read Torah, and the girls are going to Home Ec…[This] felt like a gut punch to me…” – jGirls founder, Elizabeth Mandel

In this Collaboratory Conversations interview with Aliza Mazor, UpStart’s Chief Field-Building Officer, Elizabeth shares her Jewish feminist awakening story and what led her to create a platform for Jewish teen girls to feel empowered. While the world tells girls to quiet down, and be smaller, jGirls encourages them to speak up and assert their voices!

jGirls Magazine, its editors, contributors, and staff, are proud to lend their voices in both the Jewish and secular media on the subjects of young women's empowerment, identity at the nexus of Judaism and being female, and creating community among diverse Jewish girls from the U.S. and around the world.
SOURCEE-Jewish Philanthropy: The Collaboratory Playlist