Sunny Day

Sunny Day by Caroline Mayer – Photo by Alex Garrow

Waves crash onto the lava hot sand as water splashes all around. The sun shines brightly, leaving an imprint on people’s bodies. As the sun rises, the clouds vanish, and the crystal clear sky becomes visible. During changing tides, the slimy brown seaweed transforms the dark blue, clear water into a disgusting and unappealing place to spend time. Mounds of sand form giant dunes and grainy sand particles fill the air. The saltiness of the sea tingles the tongues and nostrils of the beachgoers. A rainbow of umbrellas line the beach and sharp shells poke out of the sand. All around the beach, buckets and shovels lay next to sandcastles—tall, short, falling apart, dry, wet, and many more. Towels cover the golden sand, with their colors and shapes galore. Seals bop to the top of the water and then dive to the depths of the ocean blue. Smack dab in the middle of the beach stands the wooden lifeguard chair with signs on the back displaying the water temperature and power of the current. The sun sets in the west, then at night the radiant bonfires burn bright.

Loud children scream with glee as they frolic in the ice-cold water. Teenagers who sunbathe under the sizzling sun turn like rotisserie chickens. Parents carefully watch their children glide on boogie boards and lifeguards sit high up in the air watching for the occasional shark. The brave people who dare to go into the water suit up for the cold by putting on wetsuits. The beachgoers carry pounds of bags filled with sunscreen, towels, chairs, and other beach-related items. Children run as fast as cheetahs up the dunes to retrieve ice cream from the familiar truck. Lifeguards travel throughout the beach on bright red dune buggies, while children slide on skimboards. At the end of the day, the people journey back home, and the beach empties until the next day.

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Caroline Mayer is in ninth grade at Rye High School in Rye, New York. She is a creative and very active teenager. She places rugby and participates in many clubs.
Accompanying photo: “Oceanview” by Alex Garrow