What Did We Talk About Before Corona?

What Did We Talk About Before Corona? by Molly Voit

My mom won’t let me take the subway. This is crazy. I can’t believe this is happening. We’re living in historic times. Did you wash your hands? It’s just a cold, I don’t have corona. Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison. I started wearing a mask on the train. I can’t even. This is unreal. Ugh, Key Food is out of Haagen Dazs. Did you watch the debates? Major Sports Leagues in the U.S. Halt Play. Wash your hands before you sit down. No more school? No Prom? NO GRADUATION? Fuck that. LOL, look at this meme. Join Zoom meeting. I can’t believe my grandparents are still leaving their house. I learned how to play guitar today. Both of my grandparents have pneumonia. President Trump Declares a National Emergency. My mom won’t let me have visitors anymore. Stop blaming China. WASH YOUR FUCKING HANDS. What did we talk about before corona? Restaurants, Nightclubs, Movie Theaters Closed. If the subways are running tomorrow, I’ll bring you a pot brownie. I’m going for a walk. Don’t touch your face. My friends are home from college, but I can’t even see them. The trip I was looking forward to my whole life was canceled because of a fucking virus. U.S. Federal Reserve Cuts Its Target Interest Rate to Zero. I miss you. It’s been three days. These are historic times. The season is suspended, not canceled, keep training. I have no motivation. Here Are the Main Coronavirus Myths We’re Seeing that You Should Watch Out For. This is the worst possible way for high school to end. This is a good time for you to repair your relationship with your brother, you know. This is a War. How am I supposed to work from home and help my kid attend online classes? I love you. I can’t be stuck in here with you anymore. What did we talk about before corona?

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Molly Voit is a high school senior from Riverdale, New York. She attends Elisabeth Irwin High School in downtown Manhattan where her favorite subjects are English, science, and art. Outside of class, Molly enjoys running on her track and cross country teams, reading, listening to podcasts, and playing with her two dogs.
Accompanying photo: “Outside Abandoned” by Molly Voit