Another Day

Another Day by Ada Perlman - Photo by Ruby Stillman

Another day

Ruined by hatred

Another gun

Its bullets striking the innocent

Another terrorist

With his sick ideas

Another sunrise

Gives us hope to live

Another funeral

A gathering for the dead

Another headline

Charleston, New Zealand, or Pittsburgh

Another tear

Shed at every reminder

Another life

Another life

Another life


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Ada Perlman
Ada Perlman is a sophomore at The Ellis School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She loves musical theater and is involved with many productions each year. Some of her passions include singing, writing, running, and reading. Ada's work has been published in Fresh Ink for Teens, The Jewish Week, JGirls Magazine, her school newspaper; The Ellisian Times and Large Print; a selective teen journal run out of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.
Accompanying photo: “Bus Ride Monotony ” by Ruby Stillman