Wishing for Butterflies

Wishing for Butterflies by Naomi Komatsu - Photo by Alex Garrow

Fluttering, paper-thin, murky brown wings,
Tickle the inside of her stomach.
Rough bodies, squeezing past each other, create
In their fight for a place to grow and feed and breed
Their bodies swell with the blood and nutrients that she needs
To stay alive.
Their egos swell with lust for sinister excitement.
And they crave to colonize the rest of her
So one bites a hole inside her
And the rest follow
Chewing their way through muscles and fat
Disrupting the flow of blood
So her organs slowly
Wet wings push their way up her esophagus
Heavy with the weight of her saliva.
As she gulps down the fat bodies
Stuck in her throat
Wings thrash wildly against the downward pressure
Vibrating her vocal cords.
They slow in the oppressive heat of her
Mouth and nose
But attach their sticky feet to her
And climb all the way
Up, up, up,
Until they finally reach her head
Where they feast
on juicy pink matter and
Lick their lips clean of the juice of her
Hopes and dreams.
Lobe by lobe they travel to
Bite off her rational thoughts until
there is nothing left but the
In the hollow shell they once called home and now
Their last hole in her skull
And fly away.

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Naomi Komatsu is a junior at Jericho Senior High School in Jericho, New York. She plays the oboe and English horn in multiple music organizations and works with individuals with special needs. Naomi is passionate about activism, reading, writing, and teaching.
Accompanying photo: “Field on Film” by Alex Garrow