Say His Name, Say Their Names

This piece is featured in our fall 2020 issue. We invite you to download this special print issue here.


Say His Name, Say Their Name

Editors’ Note: The United States has continued to fail to offer any semblance of refuge for Black people in a land that they were taken to by force and then forced to build. There was no sanctuary for George Floyd nor Breonna Taylor—they were murdered by the very people assigned to “protect” the people. Indeed, the perpetual American attack on Black lives and the continual exploitation of Black bodies reflects that there has never been any true sanctuary for Black Americans. As people around the world unite to demand justice, we hope that this will be a turning point. And jGirls is devoted to joining the fight—in part, by looking introspectively. We’re asking questions—questions about how we amplify and integrate Black voices in spaces where they often aren’t heard, particularly Jewish spaces and about how we show up as allies and accomplices in the streets, in our schools, online, and most importantly, in our communities—not merely in this moment but always. —Maya Savin Miller and Emanuelle Sippy, Art Editors