No Diving

This piece is featured in our fall 2020 issue. We invite you to download this special print issue here.


No Diving by Molly Voit

Editor’s note by Emanuelle Sippy: “No Diving” asserts that none of us are free until all of us are free, that the only true liberation is collective liberation. That we must not be content staying afloat while our neighbors drown. That, as Jewish tradition teaches, it is not our obligation to complete the work, yet we are not free to desist from it. Until we can all swim freely, we need to close the pool. Maybe it will never again open. Maybe we’ll invest elsewhere. Maybe we’ll build anew.
Molly Voit is a high school senior from Riverdale, New York. She attends Elisabeth Irwin High School in downtown Manhattan where her favorite subjects are English, science, and art. Outside of class, Molly enjoys running on her track and cross country teams, reading, listening to podcasts, and playing with her two dogs.