The Blue-Eyed Fellow with the Dark Slacks

The Blue-Eyed Fellow with the Dark Slacks By: Rina Shamilov - photo by Elena Eisenstadt

I have begun again
I have walked & felt & bled & loved again.

This was a time of dawn, yet black; your eyes blue-
I hadn’t realized it, I hadn’t until then. Could I live again?

I could be the rebirth of something wonderful,
And I could weave my worries into litanies, and perhaps feel again.

He drew the stars with his eyes,
And with them, he mapped the syzygies, and the universe lost itself as I have again.

I have seen wonders bound by filaments, volcanoes bound by madness,
And I have annihilated & destroyed & died again.

We would hope much, but none would come of it
I’d wish for a revelation, and I’d wish to know if again.

There will be a fiery spark, or a gashed wound?
There is not a soul to mend, and again,

I find I am broken; we have parted ways
And the days like a cycle, feel limitless

And perhaps this is my curse,
For I will have to feel again.

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