Masquerade by Caroline Levine - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Smile. Darkness?
Smile. Pain?
Smile. Hatred?
Smile. Feign?
Smile. Secret?
Smile. Rain?
Smile. Smile?
Smile. Tame?
Smile? Sob.
Smile? Cry.
Smile? Fearful.
Smile? Hide.
Smile? Lonely.
Smile? Lie.
Smile? Smile?
Smile? Die.

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Caroline Levine is a sophomore at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. She has always adored poetry and all forms of literature, be it French, English, ASL, or Russian. One of her greatest passions is language, especially foreign language, and she plans on becoming a lawyer!
Accompanying photo: “Nowhere Woman” by Elena Eisenstadt