masquerade of fear

Masquerade of fear by Emmanuelle Sippy - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

they don’t know i used to lay awake
asking why

sleep comes easier now
the questions lurk though

like a long wrestling match
turning the t.v. on and off
as if the remote controls my thoughts

the series may be canceled
i may stop watching

this is an inner struggle
a struggle of time

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Emanuelle Sippy is a high school senior in Lexington, Kentucky, and is so happy to return for her third year as a jGirls+ editor and art department head. She co-directs the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team, collaborates on the Education Justice Collective's Move School Forward Campaign, and organizes with Future Coalition. Emanuelle enjoys cooking, exploring the intersections of art and activism, and conversations about everything from poetry to politics.
Accompanying photo: “Cartwheelin Around” by Sonja Lippman