Brain on Life

Brain on Life by Anonymous - Photo by Maya Savin Miller

I try to understand this confined brain
Waiting for it to untangle
Desperate to hold even a minute
To strip away the plastered souls I’ve designed

Apprehension, Embarrassment, Disquiet
They’re who built this deceiving pond
Leaving me behind
An icy pool of desperation
I never knew was there

My joy collapses in bright light
While I pretend I haven’t
Exiled myself, drifting away
Into an act of content solitude

I sat in the car
And I promised myself
As I watched the street lights
Through the raindrops
I’ll make it stop

But I never escaped
Waiting an eternity
For myself to emerge

They say there’s still hope
That I’m so young
“Time is on your side”
But I can’t help asking
Is that true?

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