Last Night


Last Night by Zoe Glickman

Artist’s Statement: One last night of normalcy. Here, the last night before the closing of a beloved rock climbing gym. Everywhere, a last night we didn’t know we had. A last night with our friends or extended family, a last night in school or work, a last night at our favorite neighborhood restaurant. Moments made only sweeter with the bitterness that hindsight adds. As the world begins to turn again, we remember our lasts, and hope that they will soon become first-in-a-whiles again.
Zoe Glickman a member of the class of 2021 at North Atlanta High School in Atlanta, Georgia. She plays on her school's varsity girls lacrosse team, and volunteers at her synagogue and in various social justice groups. She is passionate about politics and history, and in her free time she is teaching herself Spanish and Hebrew. She also really enjoys watching old movies on the Turner Classic Movies channel with her dad.