60 Seconds

60 Seconds by Alexandra Cohen - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

Imagine a world,
Filled with blue skies
And white pillowy clouds.
Leaves on the trees
And the whispering wind
Blows onto my face.

As I sit under a tree,
Leaves start to fall
Landing on my lap,
A bird chirps in the distance,
But I can still hear it cry out.

I start to close my eyes,
But the white clouds disappear.
In 60 seconds,
The once bright blue sky
Has quickly gone gray
And the pillowy clouds
Have turned to stone.

The sweet world that I was just sitting in
Has now become sour
And bitter.
The smooth leaves
Falling off the trees
Are now rough
To the touch.
And the laughs I would have with friends,
Became silent,
And isolated.

Months and months,
Cooped up inside.
Everything planned
Quickly was banned
And all of your dreams,
Rapidly disappearing,
Right in front of your eyes.

Soon, you will begin to feel
Like hundreds of pounds
Are weighing on your shoulders.
Like you always had to cry,
And you are always worried about something.
Although this feeling is new,
You still smile,
With no joy,
And laugh
With no delight.

Will this feeling ever pass?
Only time will tell
But for now,
You sit with this feeling
With your dreams
Disintegrating in front of your eyes,
Hoping the discomfort
Will go away.

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Alexandra Cohen is a member of the class of 2024 at NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies in New York City. She is an avid volleyball player and on the club team NYC Juniors 15 Travel Brooklyn. She enjoys playing with her cat, Phoebe, who is named for Phoebe Buffay on the television show, Friends. When Alexandra is not at volleyball practice, you can find her on her couch watching Grey's Anatomy or talking to her friends on the phone.
Accompanying photo: “The End of the Road” by Marika Campbell-Blue