Sadness Starter Kit

Sadness Starter Kit by Rivka Resnick - Photo by Caroline Koppel

first, keep smiling
let everyone believe in your facade of sunshine
keep being the strong one
be a shoulder to cry on
keep your shoulders back, head up
soldier on
keep smiling
next, let your guard down slowly
tell your friends how you feel
pretend chocolate makes it better
keep smiling
visit your therapist
cry, then feel like a cliche
say you’re okay
ponder why emotion is equated with weakness
keep your breathing steady until you’re halfway to dreamland
overrun by nightmarish taunting
introduce your sadness to anxiety
so misery has some company
let your dark, swirling thoughts wash all fragments of energy far away
where they join memories of genuine laughter
undisturbed sleep
and carefree childhood
cry until your tears run dry
blow nose

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