The Good People Fund Podcast

The good people fund

The Good People Fund had a conversation with our very own Elizabeth Mandel, Founder of jGirls+ Magazine on their July podcast episode. As a GPF grantee, jGirls+ is giving voice to self-identifying Jewish teenage girls, taking them out of the margins of our communal and public conversations, and empowering them as current and future leaders. Elizabeth speaks bluntly about our challenges and successes, as well as her own as a social entrepreneur.

About The Good People Fund: They are inspired by the Jewish concept of tikkun olam (repairing the world). They respond to significant problems such as poverty, disability, trauma and social isolation, primarily in the United States and Israel.

They provide financial support, guidance and mentoring to charitable activities of modest proportions that are undertaken by Good People acting singly or in small groups. Target endeavors are those that, by their personal scale and often-unusual nature, might otherwise find it difficult to attract sufficient support.


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