Fall by Elise Antsey - Photo by Jade Lowe

I fell hard for fall
Skinned my knee tripping over its crunchy brown leaves
I searched for fall
Sought out the sunlight of dawn
I clung to fall
I swung from its branches until they began to crack and break from the weight
I used fall
The cold air was my crutch
It let me breathe
I let my tears go for fall
I was devastated at the thought of letting it go
I hurt fall
Stabbed its rotting roots
I let go of fall
I dropped my grasp
Because times have changed
I fell hard for fall
Down the muddy pits in the ground
Down the dead flowers
Down the chipped paint on the wall
Down until I could no longer see the sunlight of dawn
And breathe its crisp air
Because winter came
And I lost the fall I fell for

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Elise Anstey is a junior at The Bush School in Seattle, Washington. Her activities range from the school social committee and working at a local pizza parlor to volunteering for an organization that provides support to homeless youth. Elise enjoys photography and writing and is most often seen taking portraits of her friends.
Accompanying photo: “Break Free” by Jade Lowe