Did You Know That an Apple Has 95 Calories?

This piece contains references to mental health disorders.

Did You Know That an Apple Has 95 Calories by Dahlia Matank - Photo by Sonja Lippman

I thought that the Apple would be enough

running through my blood

That Apple would stop the weakness
Or at least
Give me enough energy to stay awake
But as I fainted
I realized
That maybe I needed
That Apple sooner
But each piece was so hard to swallow

With so little in my body
I can almost fly
I am light enough to soar

But then I come crashing to the floor in my math class
My secret is out

If you or someone you know is in need of mental health services, please visit our Resources section for links to organizations that can help.

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Dahlia Matanky is a member of the class of 2021 at Ida Crown Jewish Academy in Chicago, Illinois. She is the head editor of her school creative literature magazine, op-ed editor of her school newspaper, president of the feminism and Interact clubs, and participates in a variety of other clubs and organizations. She is a passionate advocate, friend, student, and person all around. Her plant collection is always growing, with a current total of 21 plants in her bedroom.
Accompanying photo: “Made of Sugar” by Sonja Lippman