Family Portrait Series: Bernard

Family Portrait Series: BernardArtist’s Statement: This sketch is based on a photograph of my Great-uncle Bernard, who died tragically in a car accident when he was young. I was looking through our old family pictures for an art project about my ancestors and landed on Bernard’s photo. The first thing I noticed was that half of the photo was missing, so I asked my mom about what happened to it. Apparently, it is a tradition in my family that when someone betrays us (a husband cheats on his wife or vice versa), they get cut out from our family…literally. Bernard was dating an older woman (who he was probably pictured with), and his mother didn’t like her, so she cut her out of the photograph. Though I know very little about Bernard’s life, I know how much pain and guilt his death caused for his loved ones. I wanted to honor him and keep his memory alive somehow, even if it’s just through a funny story about my great-grandmother’s love for scissors.