She Knows


She knows by Lydia Miller

Artist’s Statement: The title of the piece is “She Knows”; it is a picture of a young girl who is looking into the camera very intelligently. She is sitting beside two adults and the viewer can see the size comparison between herself and the adults. The idea that even though she is so young, there is a lot of emotion in the way she looks at the camera and that the growth of children is more complicated than people can currently understand. Often it is assumed that children are incapable or not intelligent, but the ability to learn about the entire world in only two years is one of the greatest mysteries of our time. When taking the picture, I wanted to make sure that the focus was completely on her face; this particular photo was one of many, and it was the most clear out of them.
Lydia Miller is a member of class 2023 at The Abraham Joshua Heschel School in New York City. She is the photographer of her school newspaper, and an active member in student government. Lydia is passionate about genetics and history, and in her spare time she enjoys reading manga and writing short stories. Lydia has moved a total of seven times in her life.