Silenced by Leah Schutz

Artist’s Statement: My piece emphasizes societal negligence toward women who do not have the ability to speak. What inspired me to create it was a sense of frustration with today’s climate and treatment toward women, and what I want to convey through it is that it is not about her feeling like she cannot speak, but rather the actuality of it. Society tends to downplay the oppression women face by boiling it down to a simple emotion or overreaction, but I wanted to emphasize that this is beyond a feeling, and in fact is the reality that so often gets glossed over.
Leah Schutz is a member of the class of 2022 at Queens Metropolitan High School in Queens, New York. She is the founder of her school’s American Sign Language Club as well as an Italian tutor. She is passionate about making meaningful statements through artwork and does so in her school's advanced art class and art club. Leah started surfing at the age of nine and is also an active member of USY.