Gray Area

Gray Area by A.L.Liss - Photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

Black or White?
Good or Evil?
Questions always asked
But no one thinks to look between
The place where all truth lies
Where neither is neither
But instead
The world comes in shades of gray

Some say I’m one way
Some say another
But I say this and only this
What are we but gray?

Some people taste the Goodness
Of a sob
And some taste the Evil
From a laugh
But I taste only Gray
There are others who see only black
Yet others who see just the white
But I see only Gray

At a crossroads we shall meet
When birth is in a sky as pink as cherry blossoms
And where the clouds continue crying
And which path shall you take I will ask
And no matter what you say
You are human are you not?
So you shall take
The path of gray

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