The Separation of Oil and Water


Separation of Oil and Water by Arielle Koppjpeg

Artist Statement: I have always been told to pick one subject, one topic, one area of study. While I first attempted to choose one thing to love, I have found that it is impossible. Life is interdisciplinary. The idea of the separation of oil and water can be applied both to my favorite science class and my favorite English class. I see no reason to focus on solely one thing. Separation, while sometimes easier, is not always necessary. And like the image, two things that are not supposed to mesh can combine to create a beautiful piece of art. Don’t pick a lane, pick them all and explore, discover, and search until you find the combination that works best for you.
Arielle Kopp is a senior at the Academy of Allied Health and Science in Neptune, NJ. She is the Vice President of her BBYO chapter and Director of Projects for her school's Key Club. She loves history and science, and is mildly obsessed with watching Jeopardy!