Normal by Aviv Plaut - Photo by Danielle Deculus

Desired by most, resented by some
We deem people weird or abnormal
But what defines it
Who decides what it is or is not
Why would we want to be the exact same
One person as the next
a line of black-and-white photos
With one in color
Bursting with vibrance
The deviation
The pack of wolves with one fawn
cornered and assaulted
Attempting to stand its ground
But devoured and warped
Until it’s no longer the same
Not even close to the same pure white fawn

You were taught from youth to “stand out”
Yet put into practice
You are shoved down
Beaten until any thought or consideration
That you might be different from the others
Has vanished
Gone so far away that even the prospect
Of retrieving makes you dizzy

Although people say, be different
Be an upstander
Push back against the flow
You try
Fight with all of your might
But despite this your strength deteriorates
Until eventually you are the same

Another black-and-white photo
In the line of thousands
Another wolf tearing up the fawn
And another person
Beating the difference out of another kid

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