Buzzing Bees

Buzzing Bees by Gabby Marshall - Photo by Hannah Rubenstein

They gave me a task. A mission.
Create a story, they said
A string of letters that test the limits of imagination.
That was all it took.
Jotting sentences as they pop pop in my head. Just like bubbles.
Yes, that sounds good.
The words tumbling onto the Post-it notepad.
Words that become a sentence.
A sentence becomes a passage. Which becomes an essay. A book. A life. A story.
I scamper to write each sentence quick enough before another swarms me.
Overflowing like wildflowers that magically appear in those fields.
Cross-legged at the kitchen counter.
My head buzzing like one billion bumble bees.
I’m free.
Free falling into a world filled with winds of words.

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Gabby Marshall is a member of the class of 2026 at The Steward School in Richmond Virginia. She is a part of the varsity tennis team and loves to dance in her spare time. Her passion for writing started in the third grade and has never stopped. She recently placed top three in the nation for her inaugural poem and her most recent vignette was inspired by that.
Accompanying photo: “Transitioning Seasons” by Hannah Rubenstein